Southport is a quiet rural township with a population of 355 (2006 census) nestled in the junction of the Blackmore  and Darwin River, 68km by road from Darwin.  Southport Township was  surveyed by George Goyder in 1869.  Most streets were named after members of Goyder’s party.
    Southport  became a  bustling port with the discovery of gold  near Pine Creek and continued as the gateway to the goldfields until the railway from  Darwin to Pine Creek was completed in 1889.  At its peak  Southport was twice the size of Darwin and up to sixteen ships could be seen anchored in the Blackmore River  at any one time.

      The 1890’s saw Southport quickly  become a ghost town and only crumbling remnants of the  courthouse,  police station and post  office remain.  A handful of the approximately 330 Town  half acre allotments are occupied by those seeking a rural lifestyle on a smaller block.